Beat Set on Soundwaves Radio

Program Info:

Soundwaves Radio - This week, we featured music and conversation with Redinho from the UK, Nunca Duerma from Chicago, and Brian Coleman from Boston. Frank Foreal closed out a set with new music, as well!

Redinho - Searching
Redinho - Shem
Redinho - Playing WIth Fire
Redinho - Stay Together
Redinho - Making Up The Rules

Nunca Duerma DJ Set + Interview
Nunca Duerma - He is Gone 
Edward Elecktro - Over ft Bevlove 
Sandfly - Unreleased 
Nunca Duerma - Friends (Ewokie Talkie Remix)
Le1f (Nunca Duerma) - ΩΩΩ 
Nunca Duerma - Intro > Mothership
Nunca Duerma - Unreleased 
Nunca Duerma - Push
Nunca Duerma - $ 
Nunca Duerma - Sandwiches
MC Friendly - Faux Real Instrumental (Prod by. Nunca Duerma)
Eliot Lipp - The Snake (Nunca Duerma Remix)

Brian Coleman Music Set

Company Flow Last Good Sleep
Black Star Respiration
The Coup Me and Jesus The Pimp 
Mantronix Fresh Is The Word 
3rd Bass - The Gas Face 
Ice Cube - Amerikkka's Most Wanted
Ice Cube - Jackin For Beats

Brian Coleman Interview

Frank Foreal DJ Set

Captain Supernova - Lost in a Dream 
Jungle - Busy Earnin'
Kratos Himself - Bloom 
Ladi6 - Automatic